About Libin


The Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta is an entity of Alberta Health Services-Calgary Zone and the University of Calgary with more than 150 research and clinician members. It coordinates all cardiovascular science research, education and patient care across AHS-C and UCalgary, serving a population of 2 million people in Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Eastern British Columbia. It provides education and training of health care professionals, offers world-class treatment using innovative technologies and access to cardiac services through novel healthcare solutions.

This blog is meant to complement the materials on the official website and is a place for the general public, members and staff of the Institute to engage and share ideas. Your feedback is always welcome.  Visit our official website at libininstitute.org.


2 thoughts on “About Libin

  1. Hello Greg523.

    You can search for published peer-reviewed articles authored by Dr. Fedak by going to pubmed (www.pubmed.gov) and searching Fedak PW. Additionally, as significant milestones are achieved, I will attempt to post them on this blog. At the same time, you can also check the official Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta web-site (www.LibinInstitute.org) for more formal news updates.

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