Dr. James White recruited as new Director of Stephenson Cardiovascular MR Centre

42debde2af5c7fd027fb0b44ebfeb0efDr. James White has been appointed as the Director of the Stephenson Cardiovascular MR Centre and will begin his post in August 2013. The Centre has achieved a reputation of excellence over the past five years and is a world class program for the delivery of clinical care, research, and education.

He will lead the research efforts of the team, facilitating the ongoing projects that are underway by the many talented people within the Centre and will bring fresh innovative ideas to the group.

White will work closely with Drs’ Andrew Howarth and Carmen Lydell who are the clinical Co-Directors of the Stephenson Centre. His primary appointment will be in Cardiac Sciences and he will be cross-appointed with Diagnostic Imaging.

White graduated from internal medicine and cardiology training at the University of Western Ontario and completed a two year imaging fellowship at Duke University from 2005-2007. Over the last six years, he has been the Director of the cardiovascular MR clinical research program in London, Ontario.

He has been very successful during this time period in attracting peer reviewed grant funding and publishing his work. His research interests in the past have been in the area of evaluating the utility of cardiovascular imaging in electrophysiology.

He is also interested in the prognostic importance of MR imaging in a multi-centre model. White will be setting up a core laboratory in MRI that will create excellent research and clinical opportunities for Libin’s imaging scientists and trainees. He will bring resources through his recruitment that will benefit all who work in the Stephenson Centre.

Cardiac imaging is one of the enabling priorities of the new Libin Cardiovascular Institute strategic research plan and as such is also a priority for fund raising initiatives moving forward.


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