Philanthropists behind trainee scholarships pay it forward

Highlighting the philanthropists behind two trainee scholarships from the Libin Education Council

Kertland Doctoral Scholarships
The Kertland Scholarship is awarded one to two times per year and tends to be more vascular-oriented. This scholarship is geared towards trainees in their first two years of training.
Namesake: David S. Kertland
David S. (Kim) Kertland has been a significant supporter of the scientific community at the University of Calgary. Through his contributions, Mr. Kertland has fostered the development of vascular biology within the Faculty of Medicine. This scholarship reflects his commitment to the next generation of scientists involved in basic vascular biology research.
Tine Haworth Scholarships in Cardiovascular Research
The Libin Education Council has allocated funds to support two scholarships ($11,000 each) for a period of one year. This is a new offering where funds will be directed to PhD students in the first two years of their program.
Namesake: Tine Haworth
Tine Haworth spent some of her early days as a one-room school-teacher in rural Saskatchewan.
While her life path took many turns since then, education remained a common theme. From
earning her pilot’s license to building her own real estate investment business, she never stopped
learning something new. Her support of the Education Council reflects this passion and her encouragement
for others to continue in their pursuit of knowledge.


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