Cardiovascular diagnostics now open at South Health Campus

With SHC Diagnostic Imaging now open at Calgary’s new south hospital, cardiovascular diagnostics got a huge boost with the addition of a new 3-Tesla Cardiac MRI machine which is now in full operation this month.

“It is state-of-the-art and will double our cardiac MRI capabilities,” says Dr. Jonathan Howlett, cardiac sciences site leader for South Health Campus and director of Heart Failure at Foothills Medical Centre.
This additional machine will help alleviate wait time for patients waiting for a cardiac MRI in Calgary.


Previously, the only cardiac MRI machine in the city was the 1.5-Tesla machine at The Stephenson Cardiovascular MR Centre at Foothills.

Along with the MRI machine, new diagnostic equipment for cardiac sciences includes a cardiac hybrid CT/nuclear camera and six new echo machines for inpatient and outpatient use.

The first phase of Calgary’s new South Health Campus (SHC) opened September 2012. The $1.3 billion hospital is Alberta’s largest and newest hospital. The facility is designed to focus on outpatient care, wellness services and health promotion. By late 2013, Alberta Health Services expects to hire 2,400 FT support staff and nurses and 180 doctors for this site.

In the cardiovascular area, there are new clinics for atrial fibrillation, general cardiology, device/pacemaker and a new heart failure clinic that will be the largest one in Calgary.
“The South Health Campus represents major enhancement in our ability to provide services to patients with, or at risk of, cardiovascular disease,” says Howlett. “We believe that there will be a significant improvement in our inpatient care, and that there will be major improvement in access to outpatient cardiac services. The impact will be felt all throughout the region, not just in Calgary.”

Contact SHC Heart Clinics
Atrial Fibrillation Clinic (403-956-2660)
Heart Function Clinic (403-956-2603)


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