A Libin research team to get Collaborative Research and Innovation Opportunities (CRIO) funding from AIHS

Three Libin Institute members are among the successful applicants of Alberta Innovates Health Solutions’ recently announced Collaborative Research and Innovation Opportunities (CRIO) Collaborative Project Competition.
AIHS CRIO invests in innovative health research that produces new knowledge, and translates research findings to appropriate end users to impact on the health of Albertans and the health care system.

Brenda Gerull

Brenda Gerull

Congratulations to Dr. Brenda Gerull who is the collaborative lead with Dr. Henry J. Duff and SR Wayne Chen as collaborators on a project titled “Towards Personalized Medicine: Novel Approaches to Prognosis and Therapy of Genetically Determined Arrhythmias.”

Dr. Henry J. Duff

Dr. Henry J. Duff

SR Wayne Chen

SR Wayne Chen

Their approved project will receive funding up to a maximum of $250,000 per year for a non-renewable term of three years.

In total, AIHS approved 21 CRIO Projects  which is a total investment of more than $15.5 million over the next 3 years, including one cancer-related CRIO Project (*) supported through the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund (ACPLF).

To find out more, visit aihealthsolutions.ca


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