SURVEY: Families and Fainting

Why do some people faint, while others don’t?

Libin member Dr. Robert Sheldon has an active basic and clinical research laboratory which is dedicated to understanding the causes and treatment of cardiovascular autonomic disorders, including loss of consciousness and the second-to-second regulation of heart beats and blood pressure.

Dr. Sheldon and University of Calgary medical student Vishal Varshney are currently studying families and fainting.  For some people, fainting runs in families, but Varshney says they still don’t really know why this is the case. It is thought there is a cardiovascular component to fainting, but the primary reason is still unclear.

If you faint, and if you have a brother or sister who faints, Dr. Sheldon and Varshney would like to hear from you. Participate and fill out this brief questionnaire. It will only take 2-3 minutes to complete.


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