Dr. Stuart Hutchison talks about Medicine and Climbing on Sept. 27

Don’t miss Libin member Dr. Stuart Hutchison as he gives a talk on Sept. 27, 2012 on Medicine and Climbing at 6pm in Theatre One, Health Sciences. The event is presented by The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group.

Dr. Stuart Hutchison at Camp 2 on the West Ridge of Cho Oyu, the 6th tallest mountain in the world. (Photo courtesy of Stuart Hutchison)

In a past issue of Libin Life, we profiled Dr. Hutchison in an articled titled “Adventurer in Cardiology.” Dr. Hutchison is a Clinical Professor of Cardiac Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine, and brings with him a passion for all the various imaging modalities. Educated in Cardiology at McGill University, Dr. Hutchison acquired further sub-specialty training at the University of Southern California and the University of California, finally arriving in Calgary in 2008 from the University of Toronto.

In the article, Dr. Hutchison shared with us his profound understanding of the power and beauty of nature. An avid sportsman, he has run twenty marathons, cycled through Europe and climbed the tallest peaks in the world across three continents. Having scaled the likes of K2 and having been within a few hundred feet of the summit of Mount Everest on his second expedition there, he points to some of the tallest in North America as his favourites and the scaling of Cho Oyo, the sixth tallest worldwide, as the most satisfying.

Read more about Dr. Hutchison in a past issue in the Faculty of Medicine Magazine article titled “Climbing the Ladder”.

Click here for more blog posts about Dr. Stuart Hutchison, his travels, presentations and teaching award.


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