Photos from the 2012 Energizer Night Race in Calgary

Last weekend, around 2,000 racers and their families and friends turned out to North Glenmore Park to take part in the Energizer Night Race in Calgary. Prior to the sun setting, race participants made their way via shuttle or by foot to the park and took in some pre-race warm up exercises to loosen up their muscles. Runners who signed up for the 10K started in two waves before the 5K runners took to the start line. After 10:30 p.m., when most racers had crossed the finish line, the crowd milled about getting their requisite post-race treats, socializing at the Molson Canadian 67 Beer Garden and stretching out in relief.

At the Calgary Health Trust booth, volunteers were selling flameless wax candles and LED headlights and signing a dedication board to share who they were running for in tribute. All proceeds from sales and donations went to the Libin Cardiovascular Institute, via the Calgary Health Trust, to support our research and education programs in cardiovascular treatment and prevention.

See you at next year’s race!

2012 Energizer Night Race Calgary results and times are available at

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