Dr. Paul Fedak makes AHS’ Alberta’s Top 15 Health & Wellness Innovations List

Dr. Paul Fedak was recently featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Alberta Health Services’ Apple magazine. Writer Colleen Seto covers “Alberta’s Top 15” innovators and innovations in the province’s past and present. The article features groundbreaking medical research, inventive wellness approaches, and ideas that have made life healthier.

Here’s an excerpt from that story:

Dr. Paul Fedak
In 2009, Dr. Paul Fedak of the Cardiac Sciences department at the University of Calgary pioneered a technique to mend bones after open-heart surgery using Kryptonite, a bone glue, to speed up healing, reduce pain and enhance breathing. “As a surgeon and scientist, it’s my job to innovate and carefully translate new ideas and techniques safely into patients,” he says. He has trained other surgeons in the Kryptonite procedure and is hard at work on new innovations, including a tissue-engineered “matrix” patch to replace damaged or scarred heart tissue.

Congratulations Paul!




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