Celebrating second chances – Canadian Transplant Games

From July 16th to 22nd 2012, the 6th Canadian Transplant Games will be in full swing in the city of Calgary.  These games occur every two years, alternating with the International Transplant Games, and bring in athletes from across the country who are also transplant recipients.  Sports range from track to bowling and swimming to tennis.  The objectives include celebrating second chances, and most importantly, highlighting the importance of organ donation.

Dr. Paul Fedak with transplant recipient Scott Ouellette at the TELUS Spark “Tin Man” exhibit

The Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta is proud to be a sponsor of the Canadian Transplant Games.  Our recent efforts into highlighting the games and the cause include an exhibit at the TELUS Spark on cardiac transplant and recipient Scott Ouellette’s personal journey.  In June, Scott and his cardiac surgeon Dr. Paul Fedak delivered presentations on surgical approaches to heart failure also at the Spark.  You’ll be able to see the exhibit  until fall of 2012 and you can watch the presentations by Dr. Fedak and Scott here.

Institute message in the games program. Click image to see full size

We want your thoughts.  What do the games mean to you?


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