Doc and Patient talk Surgical Approaches to Heart Failure

If you didn’t catch the Libin Cardiovascular Institute’s presentation  “Surgical Approaches to Heart Failure” at TELUS Spark on June 14, 2012 at the Telus Spark, here’s the full video.

Libin member, cardiac surgeon and basic science researcher Dr. Paul Fedak covers various heart technologies from the past, present and future, including the ventricular assist device (VAD) which is now featured in a new exhibit at the science centre.

Scott Ouellette, his cardiac transplant patient, follows Dr. Fedak’s talk by recounting his own personal journey from being an active 28-year-old avid athlete to suffering a heart attack, living off a VAD for 113 days and then receiving a new heart through organ transplant. Ouellette is now a passionate organ transplant ambassador. He will be participating at the 2012 Canadian Transplant Games, an Olympics-style competition for transplant recipients, in Calgary Alberta on July 16-22.



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