McNuggets not all created equal

An article published in the April 16, 2012 edition of the Canadian Medical Association Journal compared the salt content of fast food products available in different countries.  Fast food outlets such as Burger King and Pizza Hut compared like products that were sold in different countries by the same company.  The results were quite surprising, though as it turns out, some weren’t surprised at all.

Interesting nuggets from the study:

  • A salad purchased in Canada from one of the outlets included in the study, on average, had 2.5 times the salt as the same salad purchased in New Zealand or France!
  • A McDonald’s McNugget in Canada contains 2.5 times the salt of a McNugget from the U.K.!

The Libin Institute‘s Dr. Norm Campbell, co-investigator and spokesperson for the authors who also serves as the HSF/CIHR Chair in Hypertension Prevention and Control, shared results and his thoughts with media from across North America.  Below is just a sample:

CTV National News, Global TV, University of Calgary, TIME, Calgary Herald, National Post, Toronto Star, CBC National News

Prior posts highlighting Dr. Campbell’s work


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