Libin alumnus back at UCalgary after a decade at NASA

University of Calgary Distinguished Alumni Douglas R. Hamilton, a graduate of the MD/PhD program under the supervision of the Libin Institute’s John V. Tyberg, has been recruited back to Calgary to join the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta.

Dr. Hamilton spent the last decade with NASA as a flight surgeon and was recently on CBC Radio’s Quirks and Quarks speaking on the topic “Astronaut Eyes“.  Listen to the segment (click the play button):

Douglas R. Hamilton (standing, far right) as a trainee in the laboratory of John V. Tyberg (standing, centre) in 1986. Photo from the Libin Institute archives.

Interesting tid-bit:  Dr. Hamilton’s PhD thesis starts with the acknowledgment of numerous individuals who helped him along the way.  Of particular note was the support of Dr. Tyberg, who among other things, helped Hamilton with his “sppeling”.

Welcome back Hami!

See related YouTube video:


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