First in Canada … again! CareLink reaches 1K active patients in Calgary

CareLink is a technology produced by Medtronic that allows health providers the ability to remotely monitor patients who have pacemakers, defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization and implantable heart monitors.  In 2004, the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta became the first place outside of the United States of America to introduce this novel technology.  Seven years hence, the Institute is now the first in Canada to have over 1,000 active patients on CareLink.

PRESS RELEASE (click image above)

The true patient impact can be very substantial, particularly given the Institute’s wide care delivery catchment area that includes not only all of Southern Alberta, but also Southern Saskatchewan and Eastern British Columbia.  CareLink send automatic transmissions whenever a patient is within three metres of the bedside monitor, and makes automatic transmissions if a potential problem with the patient’s heart rhythm or heart rhythm device is identified.  Without CareLink, each of the many patients now serviced by it would have had to travel to Calgary every three months to be seen by health providers.

Watch a video about this story:

For more information on CareLink and this Canadian milestone, please see the Alberta Health Services / Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta PRESS RELEASE.

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