Defy premature death while helping others

Heart disease and stroke take 1 in 3 Canadians every year. Thousands of lives are cut short, moments lost forever, dreams left unfulfilled. But we, together with the Heart & Stroke Foundation (HSF) can change this: each of us can make a commitment to defy premature death, and together we can give Canadians more time, more life.

In January 2011, the Libin team won the provincial HSF Spirit Award. For January 2012, join us in making a difference while retaining the prestigious Spirit Cup!

The mission of the HSF is the elimination heart disease and stroke and reducing their impact through:

  • the advancement of research and its application.
  • the promotion of healthy living.
  • advocacy.

In support of this noble mission, the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta is participating in the Foundation’s Death Defying Challenge, and we invite all of our Members, Staff and trainees to join the Institute’s team!

What is the Death Defying Challenge?

A fresh manifestation of what was previously known as Ski-for-heart, the Death Defying Challenge is about making a commitment to your own health, engaging your family in lifestyle choices that lead to longer, fuller lives, and raising much-needed funds to support life-giving research and vital health education programs. Participating in the challenge means you will commit to achieving at least 10 individual hours of physical activity from January 1 to 29, 2012. Physical activity can be a life-saver literally; accumulating 2.5 hours of physical activity per week can lower the risk of heart disease and stroke.  Participants will also be able to make an impact on others by securing donations for the HSF.  The challenge will culminate in a (optional) victory weekend at Lake Louise!

Join or sponsor the Libin Death Defying Challenge Team!

Learn more about the Death Defying Challenge, including donations at work, fund raising and incentives (including reduced victory weekend rates at Chateau Lake Louise if a fund raising threshold is achieved).

Read about the Libin Team winning the 2011 Spirit Award (top-left of newsletter page 8).

If you have questions about the Libin DDF team, or about the Challenge itself, please e-mail – every effort counts, and we want to demonstrate our spirit by recruiting as many participants as possible!


One thought on “Defy premature death while helping others

  1. Dr. Belenkie is way out in front having raised the most funds to date. Surely this is due to some strong-arm tactics! Instead of sponsoring him, if you sponsor me I’ll commit to topping the sponsorship up with an additional 10%. To clarify, I’ve already started by sponsoring myself $100. If I raise another $500, I’ll add another $50 to my pledge. Make the most of your donation and choose me!

    Visit my fund-raising page at:

    Al-Karim Walli

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