Arrhythmia cured in expectant mom via first in Canada procedure

The J.L. “Sam” and Beverley Mozell Heart Rhythm Treatment Research and Education Laboratory at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute has been the centre of many Canadian or Western Canadian firsts over the last number of months.  One of the most recent of these was featured in the October 31st Calgary Herald.  An expectant mother presented with electrical issues in the heart resulting in dangerous misfiring of the body’s pump that in turn presented major risks for baby and mom.  Dr. George (Yorgo) Veenhuyzen then performed what is believed to be a first in Canada procedure (certainly a first in Western Canada) – an ablation on the expectant mom without the use of x-ray.  Normally, the ablation (heating of tissue in the heart that causes irregular heartbeats) requires x-ray such that catheters can be fed into the correct spots in the heart/vasculature.  In this case, the latest 3D navigation tools were used and the patient received no radiation from the procedure.  The results?  A healthy mom, and a few months later, a bouncing baby as happy as can be!

Watch a video about this story:

You may also want to read the Alberta Health Services News Release on some of the fantastic recent advances in cardiac electrophysiology care delivery in Calgary.

The Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta’s Cardiac Electrophysiology team has been a leader in the field for thirty years, but they have not rested on their laurels.  Building on pillars of the field such as Emeritus Professor D. George Wyse, Professor L. Brent Mitchell, Professor Robert Sheldon, Professor Henry J. Duff, and Professor Anne Gillis, the team has expanded and worked hard on numerous threads of research, while training new scientists and clinicians along the way and providing leading edge treatment to Canadians.  In addition to some of the leading clinical achievements mentioned above, recently we also learned of Professor Derek Exner‘s international clinical trial studying sudden cardiac death, and on the basic research front Professor S.R. Wayne Chen published a ground breaking study on new understandings of the mechanisms of certain arrhythmias.  Read the Institute’s latest newsletter to learn more the Cardiac Energy in Calgary!


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