Save by helping smokers quit

Libin Institute Member Dr. Braden Manns, Associate Professor of Medicine and Community Health Sciences, was co-author of a recent highly publicized editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal entitled, “Governments, pay for smoking cessation”.

Dr. Braden J. Manns


Given the high cost of tobacco addiction and our inability to decrease the rates of smoking in Canada below 19% in recent years, governments should complement population-level public health strategies against tobacco with a marked increase in investment in individual-level smoking cessation programs. As an immediate first step, all provincial drug formularies should begin reimbursing evidence-based smoking cessation therapies.

The Ottawa Citizen noted that:

In Canada, Quebec is the only province that funds all drugs to help quit smoking, while Yukon and Prince Edward Island reimburse residents for at least one product.

Meanwhile, residents of Australia and Britain receive reimbursement for prescription medications and over-the-counter nicotine replacements, like nicotine patches and gum.

You can read the entire editorial on the CMAJ web-site.

You can read the rest of the above article on the Ottawa Citizen web-site.

Other media stories on the CMAJ editorial include:

Pay for quit-smoking drugs: CMAJ to provinces (CBC, Aug 30)

Save by helping smokers quick (Edmonton Journal, Aug 31)

Journal calls on provinces to fund stop-smoking aides (CTV, Aug 30)


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