The Libin Revolution in Cardiac Surgery

An interdisciplinary team of Libin Cardiovascular Institute members led by AHFMR Investigators Dr. Paul Fedak, Cardiac Surgeon, and, Dr. Kathryn King, Nurse Researcher, are on the verge of revolutionizing cardiac surgery. A brand new procedure developed at the Institute uses KryptoniteTM adhesive, a biocompatible polymer, to bring together the breastbone after sternotomy. “We can now heal the breastbone in hours instead of weeks. Patients can make a full recovery after surgery and get back to full physical activities in days instead of months,” reports Dr. Fedak.

Dr. Paul Fedak

Dr. Paul Fedak

The possibilities of having cardiac surgery patients be off of all pain killers within days has resulted in immense international interest. In response, Dr. Fedak has traveled extensively training surgeons across the globe in his new technique. The potential savings to global healthcare systems resulting from fewer prescriptions and, in particular, shorter hospital stays could result in hundreds of millions of dollars in savings annually.


Dr. Kathryn King


This story has been covered by over one-hundred media outlets globally. Here is a sample:

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India – Times of India
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Malaysia – Malaysia News
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South Africa – Pretoria News
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3 thoughts on “The Libin Revolution in Cardiac Surgery

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  2. The official web-site is being updated – the link should work by Monday. The alternate link is also much appreciated. The role of Dr. King, a nurse scientist, has been and will continue to be critical in this study. Dr. King has been studying patient outcomes and QoL measures post surgery for a long time – with proven protocols.

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