Defusing a Time Bomb

Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta member Dr. Brenda Gerull, assistant professor in the departments of Cardiac Sciences and Medical Genetics at the University of Calgary and AHFMR Clinical Investigator, is featured in the Fall 2009 AHFMR magazine, Research News.

Here is an excerpt from the AHFMR article:

Serious heart diseases can come as a surprise or appear slowly over a lifetime. In some cases, the younger the patient, the more sudden and severe the onset can be. We tend to picture teenagers as bundles of energy who empty out the refrigerator, sleep until noon on Saturdays, and hang out with friends at every other possible moment. But some teens have a different story. Some have to undergo heart surgery to get an implant that could save their lives. AHFMR Clinical Investigator Dr. Brenda Gerull’s research on the genetics of a debilitating form of heart disease provides teens and their parents, as well as patients of other age groups, information that can help them make difficult decisions on how to proceed.

To read the rest of the AHFMR article, click here

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