Ghali – UCalgary Medine Alumni of Distinction Award for Research

Dr. Bill Ghali

Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta‘s Dr. William (Bill) Ghali, Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Community Health Sciences, has been presented the Alumni of Distinction Award for Research of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Dr. Ghali is one of only two individuals honored with this award in 2009.

Dr. Ghali is a researcher of international prominence and currently holds a Government of Canada Research Chair in Health Services Research, the John A. Buchanan Chair in General Internal Medicine and is also a Senior Health Scholar in the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research.

Excerpt from Faculty of Medicine article on the award:

“The common thread to my research is to examine why do we do what we do. The health care system has many places where quality can be improved and things can be standardized,” says Ghali.


Dr. Ghali’s work has already begun to impact public policy in Canadian health care. “In a practical community based setting, I am already using the fruits of Dr. Ghali’s research to make a difference in the lives of individual patients. On a much wider basis, Dr. Ghali’s work will influence all of us in applying best practices to provide the most efficacious care to patients in the population in general,” said Dr. John Hickie, who was one of two alumni who nominated Dr. Ghali for the 2009 Faculty of Medicine Alumnus of Distinction.

Congrats Dr. Ghali!


One thought on “Ghali – UCalgary Medine Alumni of Distinction Award for Research

  1. Dr. Ghali is an excellent mentor. I have been working with him since 1996 and have learned so much from him about writing grants and manuscripts and supervising students. He has rich experience in many areas and selflessly shares his great ideas with me. He has been guiding my research direction and also supported and encouraged me. I am very luck to have such a wonderful mentor! He is the person who has helped me building and developing my research career! Bill — I am very very very proud of you!!!!

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