Libin Institute Training Programs Accredited

We are very proud to congratulate Program Directors, Dr. Lisa Welikovitch (Cardiology) and Dr. John Burgess (Cardiac Surgery), and their respective Residency program committees in the recent Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Accreditation Approval of these programs.

Royal College

Cardiac Surgery Training Program – Six Year Accreditation:

Cardiac Surgery is the branch of surgery concerned with diseases of the pericardium, heart and great vessels. Upon successful completion of the program a trainee is expected to function as an independent consultant with respect to the diagnosis and management of patients with cardiovascular disease, including the provision of surgical intervention and postoperative care.

The program was reviewed and commended for its knowledgeable, committed and experienced program director as well as the imaginative Residency Program committee. Reviewers from the RCPSC also commended the collegial and close working relationship at one site in cardiovascular, cardiology, CV anesthesia and CVICU.

Core Cardiology Training Program – Seven Year Accreditation:

The objective of the Core Cardiology Training Program is to encourage the development of outstanding clinical skills in an atmosphere of academic inquiry.

Upon completion of the training program, trainees will have been exposed to a broad range of clinical cardiology experiences and will be well equipped for independent practice, or may choose to pursue further training with a view toward an academic career in cardiovascular research and/or education.

The program was recognized by the accreditation team as having a dedicated program director who is well-respected by residents, faculty and senior administration as well as residents who take ownership and pride in their program and education. The program was noted to be a collegial learning atmosphere where learners are challenged to attain knowledge and supported in doing so. Finally the program was commended for its strong educational components, diversity, and acuity of clinical material, and its enthusiastic committed faculty.

Learn More:

Visit the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta portal’s Education page for more information on the above programs as well as other programs offered by the Institute, including sub-specialty fellowships and graduate education.

– Shauna Wilkinson


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