Israel Belenkie – 2009 CCS Distinguished Teacher Award

Every year, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) acknowledges one individual from across the nation for their excellence in teaching over the long term in any of the cardiovascular fields. The 2009 Distinguished Teacher Award will be presented to Dr. Israel Belenkie at the 2009 CCS Awards Reception the evening of October 25th during the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress.


Dr. Belenkie, or Sonny as he is known by those close to him, was the first full-time cardiologist at the University of Calgary in 1973. His involvement with training has been virtually continuous since that time and has always been seen as exemplary by those whom have had the privilege of being his students. His passion for his craft and for the patient is almost legendary.

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Congratulations Dr. Israel “Sonny” Belenkie on the ripples of impact you’ve had on so many.



10 thoughts on “Israel Belenkie – 2009 CCS Distinguished Teacher Award

  1. Congrats Dr. B!

    All Libin CCC ’09 attendees should make a point of attending the October 25th Awards Reception to heckle … I mean cheer 🙂

  2. Dr. Belenkie: Congratulations on a well deserved award. The Silver Tonque, Fickle Finger and all of the other teaching awards you’ve been presented over the years, while significant in their own right, are overshadowed by this latest achievement. Excellent work is always recognized. Your teaching accomplishments as noted by positive accolades from your students and their successes, have always been of the highest quality and deserve meritorious recognition.

    Congratulations. Where did they get that picture????

    All the best. Pat Culham

  3. Pat wrote:
    > Where did they get that picture?

    University of Calgary Archives UARC 84.005_26.20_01
    It was at the back of a recently unearthed vault

  4. Dr. Belenkie,

    Congratulations! I’ve always learned something when I’ve talked to you. Sometimes it’s job-related, sometimes an interesting tidbit about life in general, and sometimes a decent joke. (All good stuff!)

  5. Sonny,
    Sincere congratulations on receiving your well deserved award – it’s an honour to have been affiliated with you.
    Now – should the emphasis be on the “Teaching” or “The Long Term”
    component? And what about the recipients of the puns over all those years?

  6. Congratulations, Sonny. It’s good to see that your dedication to the cardiology teaching program has been recognized.

    Alan White

  7. Congratulations Sonny – this is very well deserved. There are indeed few individuals anywhere who have displayed greater committment to teaching and to learning than you.

    We are all proud of you

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