Podcasts from ACC 2009

2009 marked the 25th anniversary of the Annual Cardiology Conference at Lake Louise (see Libin Life 2009 issue 1 page 3). This major conference, led by Dr. W. Peter Klinke of UBC with co-directors including Dr. J. Wayne Warnica of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta, has always enjoyed exceptional participation and attendance from our Institute. This year was no exception and the following podcasts are a sampling …

Canadian Cardiovascular Society Workshop: The Many Different Faces of Heart Failure
Dr. Jonathan Howlett and Dr. Debra Isaac
> Accompanying Slides <

New Approaches to Imaging in Acute Infarction: The Role of CT and MRI
Dr. Matthias Friedrich

Bigger Is Not Better: How to Shrink a Failing Heart
Dr. Paul Fedak


A more comprehensive set of podcasts can be found at the ACC website. The web-site will also provide information on ACC 2010 – the 26th installment!


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