CIHR awards $4.5M to Institute Members

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research recently announced their latest funding decisions that included several members of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta. The total amount awarded for the research projects listed below is almost $4,500,000!


Andrew Braun

Endothelial ion channels, nitric oxide and the cellular mechanisms regulating vasorelaxation

Sarah Childs

Genetic control of artery and vein specification

William Cole

Molecular Basis of Calcium Sensitization in the Arterial Myogenic Response

Jonathan Lytton

Feeding Behaviour & Satiety: Cellular & Molecular Physiology of the K-Dependent Na/Ca-Exchanger, NCKX4

Justin MacDonald

Smoothelin like-1 interacts with apo-calmodulin and tropomyosin to regulate Ca2+-dependent contractile signaling in vascular smooth muscle cells.

Hude Quan

Assessment of hypertension occurrence, management and outcomes in Canada

Hude Quan

Effect of Physician Alternative Payment Plans on the Completeness and Validity of Administrative Data

Congratulations all around!


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