Libin Members Bag CDA and KFOC Grants

The Kidney Foundation of Canada / Pfizer Canada – Cardio-Renal Research Award for 2009 has been awarded to Dr. John V. Tyberg (PI), along with co-investigators Dr. Ellen Burgess and Dr. Rodger Loutzenhiser. The award, valued at up to $150,000, supports cardio-renal research that hopes to address the cardiovascular complications of kidney disease. Congratulations team!

Grant title: “Renal hemodynamics: possible implications for hypertension


The Canadian Diabetes Association has awarded an operating grant to Dr. Matthias Friedrich, Director of the Stephenson Cardiovascular MR Centre at the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta.  The application ranked 6th out of 50 in the ‘excellent’ category. Kudos all around!

Grant title: “Novel imaging-derived biomarkers for the early detection of diabetic cardiomyopathy



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