Libin Institute’s Newest EP Lab

Contributed by John Clapp:

Opening in October 2009, and replacing a 13 year old fluoroscopy only imaging system, Electrophysiology will realize the benefit of a significant technological upgrade with the new Philips XPer FD 10/10 biplane Cardiovascular System for it’s diagnostic and interventional procedures.

The Philips system features an integrated single host concept called EP Cockpit that integrates x ray generation, system geometry and user interface with EP related peripheral components, image detection and viewing. This is accomplished, reducing the number of cables, keyboards , and monitors, with OMNISWITCH, connecting up to 8 medical equipment systems.


Philips XPer FD 10/10 biplane Cardiovascular System

Another feature of the system is EP Navigator, enabling users to segment previously acquired 3D CT data sets into 3 dimensional volumes of the heart. These data sets overlay with live fluoro x ray images of the same anatomy in order to support catheter/device navigation during specified procedures.

We are all looking forward to the roll out of this amazing room and the ways in which it will benefit the citizens of Calgary and surrounding area.



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