Libin HRIC Spaces Officially Open!

The Libin floor of the Health Research Innovation Centre at the University of Calgary officially opened June 1st 2009. This milestone was marked by an event hosted by the Reach! campaign through which several private donors have contributed to make this floor a reality.


Photo credit: Bruce Perrault

Excerpts from UCalgary Medicine coverage:

“This new area brings us into a close proximity with one another, and science often advances through the serendipitous conversations you have in the hallways just by running into your colleagues. Having

everyone in this type of working atmosphere and environment is going to lead to great things.”

Layout aside, the Libin Institute’s new digs are about 33% larger than their old space and contains three impressive new labs to aide in their continued research endeavours; the Marlene and Don Campbell Family

Cardiac Research Laboratory; the King Family Experimental Arrhythmia Laboratory; and the Derek H. Haworth Laboratories.


“The laboratories in the HRIC are dedicated to advancing our knowledge

base regarding the origins and mechanisms of cardiovascular health and disease,” says Mitchell. “These advances are then the subject of clinical science directed towards improving the cardiovascular health of the population of Alberta, Canada and beyond.”

Click here to read the rest.

Photo credit: Bruce Perrault

Photo credit: Bruce Perrault

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