Need more public awareness of AF

Director of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta, Dr. L. Brent Mitchell, was recently interviewed by Global TV regarding atrial fibrillation, the potentially very serious abnormal heart rhythm condition. Click the image or link below to watch (it is the second story in the Healthbeat segment).


Global TV’s Healthbeat interview – Click Here

Earlier, Dr. Mitchell was quoted in a press release on the same subject. Excerpt:

“It’s important that we raise public awareness about this issue because atrial fibrillation is a common condition that is likely to affect more and more baby-boomers who will be entering their sixties and seventies soon,” said Calgary’s Dr. Brent Mitchell, Director, Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta, who points out that atrial fibrillation currently affects six percent of those over 65. “If left unchecked, it can have serious heart health consequences, the most important of which is stroke,” he said.


The story was also covered on Breakfast Television Calgary including on the BTCalgary blog.



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