Latest CIHR Successes

The latest CIHR decision announcement includes four members of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta. Congratulations are in order! Below, we’ve provided ‘the skinny’ of each successful application, but please visit CIHR’s search database for full abstracts.

Dr. Sarah Childs – 1 year
Using a genetic approach in the zebrafish, we have identified two genes that affect whether vessels become arteries or veins, and that allow endothelial cells to migrate. In this proposal, we will elucidate how these genes function and interact with each other.
This study will determine if differences in cardiac care exist for First Nations compared to non-First Nations people by exploring access to specialized cardiac care and invasive cardiac procedures. It will also begin to address issues of quality of care by looking at differences in markers of quality care aimed at reducing the risk of vascular disease.
We have developed methods to obtain individual afferent and efferent arterioles and to examine the key biochemical steps regulating vasoconstriction. The initial studies outlined in our proposal will define the differing biochemical pathways regulating function in the afferent and efferent arteriole and will provide a basis for subsequent studies determining how these mechanisms are altered in diabetes and CKD.
We have recently discovered that when the gene for the K+-dependent Na+/Ca2+-exchanger, NCKX4, is knocked out in mice, the animals are phenotypically normal, healthy and fertile, but are 30% reduced in weight. The experiments proposed here will lead to an in depth understanding of the location and mechanism whereby the NCKX4 protein works to control feeding behaviour and satiety circuits in the brain.

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