Establishment of Cardiac Surgery at FMC – 1988

An excerpt from


Originally published July 1988 in the hospital newsletter Quest

Dr. Teresa M. Kieser

“Lest we forget” – here lie the victims of office relocation to accommodate these [cardiac surgery] plans: ninth floor Audiology and Ophthalmology moved to the main floor; main floor Respiratory Technology, Doctors’ Lounge and the Business Department moved to the ground floor; main floor and south tower respectively. Ninth floor Neurophysiology Labs moved to the eleventh floor and ninth floor cardiology offices migrated to the eighth floor. Eighth floor OBGYN and Medicine offices moved to the second floor and second floor Finance and Histopathology moved to the South Tower and eleventh floor; finally ground floor Physical Plan Services and Material Management moved to Hawaii.

Note from blogger:

Subsequent investigations have revealed that Physical Plan Services and Material Management actually moved to the basement and not to Hawaii.

Watch for the next issue of Libin Life, the Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta’s newsletter, for the full article. Should be ready for distribution mid-January 2009.


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